Tips from Kayak Auto Glass on Rock Chip and Crack Repair

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Tips from Kayak Auto Glass on Rock Chip and Crack Repair

  • December 29, 2017

Whether you have a small stone chip that needs to be repaired quickly or cracked windshield that needs to be fully replaced, we at Kayak Autoglass will make sure it`s done properly and safe. Technology today has made it possible for us at Kayak Autoglass to repair windshields so that up to 90% visibility of the damage is removed, saving you not just money, but also time and a lot of hassle.

Rocks and other foreign debris can cause damage to your windshield. The impact of something that hits your windshield can leave behind chips, cracks or can even shatter your windshield. When it comes to cracks in glass, not all cracks are the same. Some cracks leave a single crack on your windshield, which is relatively easy to fill in. Other cracks have what appear to be cracks coming from the cracks. This may look like a tree, with multiple limbs or branches stemming from one main crack. Unfortunately, cracks with multiple cracks are much harder to fill in and repair. A technician will need to examine the crack and all of its stems to determine if the type of crack you have can be fixed or not.

It is important to note that clean cracks can develop cracks that branch off if you drive the vehicle or place it in direct sunlight before a repair can be made. This may hinder the ability of a technician to fix the crack. As such, you will want to have the windshield repaired as quickly as possible.


The last factor that plays a role in whether a windshield can be repaired or not is the location of the crack or chip. Unfortunately, there may always be some discoloration, unevenness or blurriness that occurs in the windshield when a repair is made. Because of this, any chip or crack that is directly in the line of the sight of the driver should not be repaired. The windshield should be replaced instead. This ensures that the driver can clearly see everything going on the road without any obstructions. If the crack is not in the driver’s sight line, location does not factor into the repair versus replacement decision. If your windshield has been damaged, you may be curious as to how a windshield is repaired. Here are the three common methods used for windshield glass repair.

Windshield Patch

A windshield patch is typically sold in do-it-yourself repair kits. This type of repair method is rarely used by professionals as it is not the most effective repair methods. If you have a chip or small crack on your windshield, you apply the film or patch over the area after cutting it down to size. You then smooth the patch out and allow it to cure. This causes it to harden, strengthening the affected area. A patch does not work its way down into the crack or chip and does not strengthen the glass. It simply helps to hold the area together to prevent further cracking.

Windshield Resin

Windshield resin is the preferred windshield glass repair method used by Kayak Autoglass and most professionals repairing chips or cracks on your car’s windshield. Resin is injected into the chip or crack. A heat source is then used to heat up the area or a UV light is used to cure the resin, causing the resin to harden. As it does so, the resin slightly expands, working to fill in the chips or cracks. This helps to prevent the crack or chip from spreading and helps strengthen the affected area.

Replacing the Windshield

The last method of windshield glass repair is replacing the windshield. Not every chip or crack can be repaired. If a chip is larger than a Loonie, it may not be able to be filled. If a crack is longer than the size of 10 inches, it should not be repaired but replaced. If a chip or crack has been repaired before and continues to grow, it should not be repaired again.

Lastly, some chips or cracks are not clean. They have other chips or cracks branching off of the original chips or cracks. These should not be repaired either. If you notice any of these issues, your windshield should be replaced rather than repaired. This involves removing your old windshield and inserting a completely new piece of glass into the area. This is a job that is best left to the professionals and should never be done on your own.

Do you have a chip or crack in your windshield? Do you need to have it repaired or replaced? If so, let Kayak Autoglass help. We are auto glass replacement specialists in the Ottawa / Gatineau area. Give us a call today to set up an appointment at 343-996-6901.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Broken Auto Glass Repair

Almost everyone has had to deal with a windshield repair or windshield replacement. The majority of repairs are caused by rock chips that have either hit your windshield while driving and you have had to have a rock chip repair done, or your windshield crack and you may have ignored it until you needed to have a windshield replacement done.

There are all sorts of ways windshield auto glass can become damaged, if you live in the Ottawa or Gatineau you know how harsh the weather can be and hail, ice, falling branches can all cause windshield damage. At the time, it may seem like an inconvenience to have to take your car in for a rock chip repair, windshield repair, or a windshield replacement, but luckily the windshield repair specialists at Kayak Autoglass work safe, quickly and affordable. Therefore, if you reside in the Ottawa or Gatineau area you’re lucky all you have to do is call us at Kayak Autoglass at 343 996 6901 and schedule a repair or replacement.

When it comes to chipped or broken auto glass there are several things you should do and several things you should not do such as the following:


  • If you want an idea if you will need an auto glass repair or an auto glass replacement you can measure the chipped or damaged glass, if it is less than 10 inches long you will most likely only need a windshield repair.
  • If you have no choice but to drive your car before having the auto glass repaired it is very important to make sure the chip or crack is not going to disrupt your view. As it is illegal to drive if your view is obstructed and the fines can be pretty hefty.
  • Protect the chipped or cracked area of your windshield with a small piece of clear tape to protect it from dirt or other small objects from getting in it. When dirt works its way into the chip or crack the auto glass installers may have a more difficult time repairing it.
  • Stay away from the sun. Park inside a garage or in a shady area. Letting heat buildup in your car can weaken the windshield even further and cause the crack to grow.
  • Do not ignore the chip or crack in your windshield. Rock chips and small cracks can spider and you could end up having to have a windshield replacement.
  • Do not turn on your defroster, heater, or air conditioner on full blast when you get in the car. The extreme change in temperatures will weaken the windshield glass. You must gradually increase/decrease the temperature as your car warms up or cools down.
  • Do not slam your car doors and try to avoid pot holes and other objects that will cause a jolt to the damaged windshield. Jolts can cause the damaged windshield to weaken and spread.
  • Do not go to a mechanic for your auto glass repair or replacement needs. Use an auto glass shop. Kayak Autoglass will have your windshield repaired or replaced safely, quickly and affordably.


If your car has its windshield or a window broken out, even if it is a side window, it is extremely dangerous to drive your vehicle on the road like this. The insurance company may tell you that it can wait, but it really shouldn’t. You need to consult with an auto glass replacement specialist in the Ottawa / Gatineau area, such as Kayak Autoglass immediately. Your insurance company won’t give you money upfront to cover this expense, but you can save your estimates and receipts to provide to them, along with the report from the police, so that they can reimburse you.

If you find yourself needing emergency Ottawa / Gatineau area, give Kayak Autoglass a call immediately. If you don’t have an emergency, give Kayak Autoglass a call at 343-996-6901for a quote anyway! We want to make sure that you and your passengers are safe while driving your vehicle on the road and one way to do that is to ensure your auto glass has not lost its structural integrity.

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