Safe and New Windshield Replacements

Windshield are an integral part of the car safety. While we replace your existing windshield, we make your safety our priority. We carry a wide variety of windshields in our stock. All windshields are made from highest quality OPA glass. These windshields will match your car specifications in every way. As a we carry a large stock, you can have your windshield replaced within a day of your inquiry.

For us at Kayak Autoglass your safety and comfort are most important! We only use industry approved and recommended auto glass, urethane and primers.  Our trained technicians will briefly explain the removal and installation of new windshield procedure. Also, they answer your questions, so you can be assured of the customer service quality.

For removal, we use advanced tools to cut out of your previous windshield in clean and precise manner. After installation of new windshield, there is a one hour waiting time, so everything is cured and set in place safely for you and your family.

Call us and book an appointment for a consultation today!

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