Chip Repairs


If you ever find a chip in the glass of your windshield, Kayak Autoglass is the perfect solution for convenient and fast chip repair, and that too at your suitability. Wondering why a chip repair would be useful? We have highlighted the main reasons below to explain the importance of chip repair.

Why a chip repair

It doesn’t take much time for a windshield chip to transform into a crack, and that too at times when you are not expecting it at all. Now if this were to happen while you were driving, it could seriously affect your visibility.

If we consider the windshield as part of the structure of the car, we can safely say that it contributes to around 30% of the overall structural strength of your vehicle, and most importantly, once the passenger airbag is deployed, it relies on the windshield to provide support. Therefore, it can be concluded that a windshield chip repair contributes towards the maintenance of the overall safety of your vehicle. In fact, after having the chip repaired, your windshield will be as strong as if the damage never happened.

It takes only about 30 minutes.
In comparison to replacing the whole windshield, repairing a chip is considerably less time consuming. We can go on to say that in several cases, the whole job can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Feel free to get your chip easily and quickly repaired at Kayak Autoglass service center.

Windshield chip repairs can even be free.
Kayak Autoglass can repair your windshield for free considering that you have a comprehensive insurance policy, or even one that covers glass breakage. This will also depend on of course your insurance coverage and provincial legislature.

Once we receive your insurance information, Kayak Autoglass gets involved directly with your insurance company to further process your claim.

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