Auto Tinting


Kayak Autoglass offers Professional Window Tinting and Vehicle Wraps at competitive prices.
We use Premium Sun Control Films in shades of 35%, 20%,15% & 5% – Llumar (costlier) is also available on request.

Window tinting is a wise choice of investment in safeguarding your family against radiation, UVA and UVB rays. Tinted window will not only reflect light but will also increase your privacy and hide contents and personal effects left in your vehicle.

Tests have also proved that Window Tinting will minimize your vehicles interior temperature and as a result significantly reduce gas consumption by reducing the usage of air conditioning.
Apart from protecting your skin, vehicles leather and fabric Window Tinting enhances the appearance of your vehicle thus increasing its resale value.

Please Note: As our Window Tinting Service and Vehicle Wraps are of high demand please call or schedule your appointment online (2) days in advance of the actual appointment date.

(Special Offer / Bundle Package Deal – Set of Wiper Blades & Aquapel Treatment)


Available while stock last!!!