Aquapel Windshield Treatment

This established, Aquapel is a long-lasting windshield rain repellant that has numerous benefits, some highlighted below:

  • Rolls away the rain drops by beading them upwards.
  • Makes it more convenient to remove tree sap and bugs from glass.
  • Minimizes glare, especially at nights and when it is rainy.
  • Eradicates windshield flashing.
  • Aquapel can last for months at a stretch, given normal driving circumstances.
  • Why is Aquapel so unique?


Aquapel Glass Treatment was introduced by PPG Industries. Forming a strong chemical coating on the surface of the glass at the molecular level, it enhances the life span of its use. As mentioned earlier, an Aquapel treatment can last for months at a stretch unlike other competitor rain repellent products that only last for more than a few hours. The best part about Aquapel Glass Treatment is that it can be applied in very less time, in fact just when your windshield is being replaced or repaired and thus does not have to increase the total length of your repair appointment.

Aquapel is an alternative to Rain-X®. Nevertheless, the good thing about it is that it is not a silicon based compound like Rain-X. Aquapel Glass Treatment uses the nanotechnology where fluorinated compounds form a durable, long-lasting chemical bond with the glass exterior. Many Rain-X customers often complain that the treatment leaves streaks on their glass surface. Well! This does not happen with Aquapel.

Aquapel is a registered trademark of PPG Industries.

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