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We’re here for ALL of your Auto Glass requirements, whether it’s a windshield chip repair or a comprehensive windshield replacement. If you come to us and we can’t fix your auto glass, then we can guarantee that nobody else can as well. We provide unparalleled services when it comes to auto glass replacements and that is mainly because our certified and highly specialized technicians use the full-cut out method, which is a form of removing the old adhesive ensuring that your replacement glass is safely, properly sealed and fixed. Furthermore, we make sure that we only stock the highest quality OEM replacement auto glass, as we cannot risk the consequences to our customers of a low-quality auto glass.




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Quick and Efficient Windshield Replacement in Ottawa

Chipped or broken windshield can be a major driving and life hazard for car drivers in Ottawa. Chipped windshield can happen for any reason- no fault of your own. A flying stone, small piece of debris can come flying off the road, another car or truck and strike on your windshield causing a chip or break on it. Types of chips: Chips of the glass are usually identified by their shape and sizes. We judge all chipped windshields on case by case basis. Some of the most commonly seen chips types are;

  • Bulls-eye
  • Pit and,
  • Crack
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will explain the type of chip and their recommendation to repair or replace. We will always recommend replacement of windshield if the cracks or chips are;
  • Directly in the line of sight of the driver
  • If the crack is touching the edge of the windshield
  • Or chip is too wide and cracks over 3-4 inches
Kayak Autoglass is one of the largest and finest vehicle glass repair service in Ottawa. We are trusted by our thousands of satisfied customers and professional of auto industry. We carry glass of various sizes, brands and models of all the cars in the market. Our technicians are trained and our locations are open for longer hours so you can bring your car at your convenience. For all customers we have a modern waiting area where they can use our Wi-Fi and enjoy premium coffee while we work on your vehicle. The safety of our customers is of utmost importance to us! We only use highest quality OEM replacement auto glass for all our windshield replacements in Ottawa. All of our materials, procedures and techniques are approved by Canadian Vehicles Safety Benchmarks. Windshield protects the passengers, takes the impact, labor with the interior air bags of your car. We know every car, make and model are different. Every windshield is designed with its own unique alignment, arc and shield qualities. Kayak Autoglass only uses equivalent yard products originally used by manufacturers. Latest replacement technology in use by Kayak Autoglass: We routinely keep ourselves updated with advances in auto glass industry. For windshield replacement in Ottawa we are using all new WRD Spider removal tool at all our locations. This removal method has been popular and top choice of many auto glass specialists around Canada and Europe. WRD Spider uses a low speed drill and its drive shaft connects with fiber line equipment. This tool and method allows us to remove your damaged windshield with laser precision. We offer the best windshield replacement methods and technology for any type of car in Ottawa. And yet, our prices are significantly lower than the amount charged by the dealerships. Our windshield replacement comes with a lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers manufacturer’s defect in glass, road noise or any water leaks. We pride ourselves on the superior craftmanship and customer service. Kayak Autoglass has helped many car owners re-instate their cars with excellence and comfort of superb service and materials. For a free quote on your windshield repair or replacement you can;
  1. Drive to your nearest Kayak Autoglass location
  2. Fill out a simple appointment form online (choose a time of your convenience) or,
  3. Call your nearest Kayak Autoglass dealer a call.
Our friendly and professional staff is ready and available to answer all your questions and give you a no-obligation and free quote for your windshield replacement in Ottawa. We only carry the highest quality material and observe strictest installation methods and procedures. So, you can drive anywhere with a peace of mind and have fun on the road.  


Safe and New Windshield Replacements

Windshield are an integral part of the car safety. While we replace your existing windshield, we make your safety our priority. We carry a wide variety of windshields in our stock. All windshields are made from highest quality OPA glass. These windshields will match your car specifications in every way. As a we carry a large stock, you can have your windshield replaced within a day of your inquiry. For us at Kayak Autoglass your safety and comfort are most important! We only use industry approved and recommended auto glass, urethane and primers.  Our trained technicians will briefly explain the removal and installation of new windshield procedure. Also, they answer your questions, so you can be assured of the customer service quality. For removal, we use advanced tools to cut out of your previous windshield in clean and precise manner. After installation of new windshield, there is a one hour waiting time, so everything is cured and set in place safely for you and your family. Call us and book an appointment for a consultation today!


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